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Discipline the mind and the Body will Follow


Dueling Dragons Martial Arts provides students ages 5 & up with a comfortable and safe environment to learn martial arts. The program is designed to teach discipline, achieve higher self-esteem, develop social skills, and engage in intense physical activities that provide overall wellness.

As a Parent, choosing the right Martial Arts School is a serious decision. There are several factors which many parents overlook upon their first visit to a martial arts school.

Dueling Dragons Martial Arts understands how important this decision can be and is here to help! We offer you the opportunity try any of our martial arts programs for ABSOLUTELY FREE . 


Our children’s martial arts program is designed to challenge and develop the skills of children ages 5 & up. We target & develop your child physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Your child will build courage and confidence as they learn how to think smarter and harder with children their same age. This is the best formula for success!

In addition to focusing on your child from within, we offer the most effective self-defense and anti-bullying . Our students learn real-life self-defense scenarios and bully prevention techniques that are not taught at most  schools.

Sifu John Wilbur and Lynn are instrumental in helping my son and my family build a solid foundation of discipline and respect. My son has learned so much in the past year and continues to grow mentally and physically with the help of Kung Fu training. At 5 years old, my son had problems with listening, showing respect, focusing, and standing still. It didn't take long for him to adjust to the school and the rules. I believe it is the structure of the class and the way Sifu teaches his students that has transformed my little boy. He is much better behaved and prepared to cope with daily challenges. Honestly the temper tantrums have diminished almost completely.
Because of the changes I saw in my son and the benefits of Kung Fu, I decided to join the adult class. After just two classes, my mind is more awake and my body is not as tired. Sifu's instruction is informative and easy to learn. In addition, I feel like Sifu and Lynn truly care for your mental and physical well-being. They encourage healthy living and are easy to speak with. They take the time to get to know both the kids and the parents. I would encourage any family that was thinking about martial arts training, to attend a class and watch Sifu's instruction.

                                                            Mia D.

What our Parents have to say

This Amazing Kids Martial Arts Class
Won't Just Make Your Child Fitter, Safer, & Stronger...

They'll also become more focused, confident, and well-behaved too.

That’s because our classes aren't just about exercise and self-defense...
They’re about helping your child grow stronger & more focused on the inside.


Martial Arts For Boys & Girls

Our martial arts program was developed for all boys and girls ages 5 & up! 

Learn Real Self-Defense

Our program uses the most effective combination of Kung Fu, Kosho Kempo, Kickboxing, and Silat to prepare children to handle real-life scenarios.

Anti-Bully / Bully Prevention

Your child will learn and practice real world anti-bullying and self-defense techniques that REALLY work. We teach students to stand up to bullies and only use martial arts as a last resort.


We use discipline, daily procedures, and mental exercises to help children focus and develop more attention. As a result, our students do better in school and behave better at home.


Students learn to address adults by using “yes Sir/Mam” and “No Sir/Mam”. There is Zero-Tolerance for disrespect in our academy.

Improved Confidence & Self Esteem

Your child will gain confidence and build self-esteem as they become more assertive and lose the “shyness” that is difficult for many children to overcome.

Online Learning Center

We have put together a online center for our students to practice at home. Everything they need for their belt requirements.

My son has been attending classes at Dueling Dragons for about a year now - this week he had a school assignment and here is the question and his answer:
"1. Who helped you the most in accomplishing your goals and how? The person who helped me the most has definitely been my martial arts instructor because he honestly believes in me and has never let me down. I am thankful to have him every day and he has always told me to get up and back at it even when I thought I couldn’t. "
As a parent, I couldn't ask for a better place for my son to be. He is learning to be a better person, along with all the other awesome training he receives. It is comforting to know that Sifu John and Simo Lynn have a genuine interest in their students being the best they can be, both inside and out!

                                                             Kim I.

Dear Friend,

My name is Sifu John Wilbur, Founder of our martial arts school.

We started our kids program 20 years ago, and haven't
looked back since.

Why? Because, as you’ll very quickly discover... martial arts is about
so much more than "punching and kicking" for kids.

It’s about helping them become better on the "inside" too.

Every class is packed with lessons on character development.

Kids learn how to focus better...

... how to listen the first time they’re asked...

... how to work hard and be disciplined...

And more.

Plus - in our classes - children achieve a LOT.

The more they achieve, the more they believe in themselves...

And their confidence soars.

That's what it’s really all about.

But don’t just take my word for it. See what your 
neighbors had to say...

Check out their stories below.

Hope to see you soon!

Sifu John Wilbur

My son is 5 and recently started here. He is a bundle of energy and this is a fantastic outlet for him. The entire staff is wonderful and very patient lol I highly recommend it!.

                                                   Ruth R.